VOTE NOW for Steem Community Witnesses

As you already know, if you even remotely care about this platform and the community behind it, Steem has been taken over by the twenty socket fake witnesses.

Now it's a high time to revise your witness votes and vote in the community witnesses

When we manage to break the uniformity of top twenty fake witnesses we are one step closer to regaining control over the network.

Notice that I've used the word when.

The witness standings in this moment, from our perspective, are:

I will shift my votes to include all top community witnesses, from rank 21 with @yabapmatt onward. At the same time I will reactivate some of my votes which currently go to inactive witnesses. So it will be a double benefit.

Please, follow my lead and do the same.

You can cast your votes on the Steempeak interface.

Later, you can reassign your votes. Hopefully there will be later :)

Thank you very much!

@bjornb, @masteryoda, @fbslo, @swisswitness, @teamsteem

Voting for:
@themarkymark, @thecryptodrive, @steempress, @drakos, @therealwolf

The score is changing by minute and votes for @yabapmatt's have risen from 123,151.374 MV to 125,115.941 MV as I was writing this article.

We are 8,015.457 MV short to break the 20 monkeys

Better and better