Image is made of own imagination and thought (competition 53): The Penguins

image source: @xpilar

Up there in the Arctic, there was a specie of birds which was the only sect of birds that can fly in the sky and swim in the rivers and seas with no limitation.
They were soo know by all other animals as the jack of all trains.
They used their abilities to intimidate others and not just that, they had criminals that when cut for example, in the water, they'll run to the land and live until they're forgotten of their crimes.
This happened for centuries until it came to a time when the climate changed from temperate to very frozen state.
Everywhere got cold that the waters began to freeze as fast as possible.
The kings of both the lands and seas agreed to hide their treasures beneath the earth (the deepest part of the ocean) for future use.
After they have done it, all the penguins planed and attached the storage zone, stealing all the treasures.
One of the guards saw them and sounded the alarms to alert other security personnels around. The penguins took to their heels so as to escape to the surface.
Unluckily for them, the whole surface has frozen and they could not escape.
When the guards cought them, they removed their feathers from their wings and imprisoned them for some years after which they'll live as citizens of the sea.
That's why penguins can not fly again.

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