Image is made of own imagination and thought (competition 59): The invasion

rnt6g7.jpgimage source: @xpilar

Since the beginning of science and human findings, life on planet has been for the go getters and adventurers.
Everyday, new sect of scientists are trained and sent out to other areas of the universe to find the unknown.
Since climate change and global warming continues to be the order of the day, the search for a better planet continues as astronauts increase in number, gathering all aspects of studies and disciplines.
This time, a group of young inexperienced and expectant scientists were sent out after graduation to find a place like home (Earth).
They searched and searched but the result remained the same until they decided to make a sacrificial search.
They invaded a space of the unknown and history was made.
Oh the adventurer, welcome to the new planet.
A place for the wise and the unwise ones.
A place called home and prisons.
A peaceful waring zone.
A bright dark planet.
"What is this place they asked?"
They asked questions among themselves but there was no meaningful answer.
The more they aske, the more confused they become.
Lastly, they decided to take pictures and returned back to planet Earth.
Earth is our home.
We can't run away from it for God has given it to us all to dominate.
Let's make it a better place.
We can control our climate change and stop global warming.

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