Image is made of own imagination and thought (competition 62): Together We Stand Firmly

dc39tw.jpg image source: @xpilar

On a beautiful day like this, two sisters from different mothers left to find their greener pastures.
But before they left, their community sat them down on different occasions, advising them and telling them how the world would be for them immediately they step an inch away form their land.
The both of them were blessed, even though they are going to different directions.
After the announcement of their departure, they left while receiving lots of handshakes and waving of hands.
One of them whose name is Steem went its ways and was well welcomed by the community she entered.
This also happened to her sister Tron.
The first year of steem was very fruitful.
She got honorable badges all over the world and was blessed by every hand that touched her gift.
After some years of toiling the market, looking for a specific rock to lay her camp, Steem got struck by the dreaded waves of the bears alongside with some other persons.
Her shoulders was cut low.
Her clothes were torn on significant areas.
Steem whose name was popular for being a lifesaver turned to nothing but just a name.
Steem got worried
She called home but their was no connection.
Well, since her sister is still out there. Maybe she's in the same condition.
She used some of her reserved medals to pay trackers (whales) who are good at finding people.
Her sister was located and she made contact immediately.
Today, steem and her sister are planing on how to make their names come back to what it was by joining arms in harmony.
Long live the union.
#steem #tron #steemit
Together we stand firmly.

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