Image is made of own imagination and thought (competition 60): Treasure riverside

7imvmt.png image source: @xpilar

This is an image made of own imagination and thought by one of the best designers on steemit by name @xpilar and for the 60th competition.
Feel free to enter the competition by going to the profile @xpilar.
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This is my story>>
The land of Taqua has soo many natural resources ranging from cash crops to fossils.
It has good weather and little or no climate change due to the fact that they don't have much industries and burning of stuffs that will release a lot of carbon to the atmosphere.
They lived like this for centuries as wealthy community until a sect of foreigners came to visit the land as tourists.
These people came as peaceful people with their large empty ship and promised the people that they will buy some of their products when going.
In the night they spied and in the day they slept.
The people of Taqua never thought of asking more about these people.
After the strangers have finished spying on the land, they sent for their squad to come over to the land of milk and honey.
They invaded the land, carried away their treasures and also left anyone on their way dead. What a mess.
The people of Taqua sounded the alarm in other to alert anyone close to them not to attack for their gods will fight for them.
They gathered in front of their shrine and called for revenge.
The strangers packaged all they could gather, celebrated and started their journey back home.
While they were sailing away from the riverside, the gods of Taqua cought them, turned them and their ships into shinny precious stones.


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