The Werewolf


He was a young brilliant young man
He was handsome and innocent
He prides a lot
He care for no one but himself alone
He's self-centered

He was cared for when his parents died
His foster parents pampered him so much
He hardly does home duties
He hardly gets hurt by anything
He never saw or touched blood until his 18th birthday

Oh ye young man
You've seen blood
What have you done
The full moon is near
You're about to become your real self

He looked around and nobody recognized him
He talked and shouted but people got scared
He cried and stretched his hand for help and people ran away
He ran to meet them but the were hurt
He tried to apologize but they started hunting him

Oh my creator
What have I done to myself
Was I reckless during my human period
Forgive me father for am being hunted by the people I love
Give me another chance let me be human again

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