Image is made of own imagination and thought (competition 51): Into the Badlands

bxgaavfqfu.png image source: @xpilar

This image is made based on own imagination and thoughts and the owner is @xpilar for the 52nd contest.
Looking at the image, it reminds me of the movie series "Into The Badlands" season 3 when the widow captured the witch from the said Azra, the city of supernaturals.
When the witch was capture, she was kept in detention by the widow.
On daily basis, she was fed and taken care of so that she will not signal her lovely king who's heart is full of violence.
One day, the witch requested for some items which was immediately given to her as promised.
The items were a bowl of water, bird's feather, a knife and a little rat skull.
She then brought out some other small items that she will use for spell.
When there was no one watching her, she arranged the materials and started doing some incarnation to put the land under the influence of a spell.
She said some words, cut her lips and poured the blood into the bowl, stirred it and laughed.
Lo and behold, the weather turned red with heavy thunder and lightening, the usual colourless water that falls from the sky as rain turned to blood and rained all over the palace of the widow.
Blood rain everywhere.
What a powerful witch.
Story inspired by the movie series Into The Badlands