Image is made of own imagination and thought (competition 55): The sand beach

Image was created by @xpilar

Do you know this sand beach where almost everyone wished they had a minute at?
Do you know this sand beach that people go to receive fresh sea breeze?
Do you know this sand beach that people buy and sell their products without taxes?
Enough of these questions because I want to tell you what just happened to it.
The sand beach is now filled with trees and grasses.
Everywhere is bushy and soon it will become a thick forest.
As I was about to finish with the latest news, she began to cry aloud.

Oh my God!
What has happened to my playground?
What has eaten the skills of the Managers?
What blinded the maintenance workmen?
Who did this to us?

I felt soo sorry for her but I couldn't do anything meaningful at that time so I called her closers friends to help her with the best antidote to her sobbing.
Well, since I've spoilt someone's day with a very sad news, I decided to take a bottle of beer so as to ease my thoughts and it was cool.
The next morning, I saw this beautiful lady and I quickly went to her for apologies but she didn't give me a good listening ear.
I had no option than to boldly as her "what's the problem" with a loud voice.
My actions changed her mood immediately and she said;

The sand beach you talked about yesterday is steemit.
The whales swallowed all the minnows and dolphins. Instead of bull run, it's now bush run.


What is this happening?
To my greatest surprise, I was just being woke up by my junior brother and he said;

Bro, you've been shouting and disturbing others since 3:00am
LMAO 😂 😂😂 😂😂 😂

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