Weekend Chillin' at Hotel Lorenza's Beer and BBQ Kiosk


Hotel Lorenza is just across the hospital I go to for dialysis and I have dialysis sessions on Saturday evenings like today. My schedule is 7pm in the evening onwards, it could be delayed depending on the number of emergency patients or inpatients admitted during that day. I go to the hospital around 5 pm sharp to not miss my schedule but oftentimes, there are delays and the staff would tell me I would be started around 7-9 pm. I then just linger in shops nearby for coffee or dinner or just chilling to avoid getting bored.


I love to stay in the ourdoor barbecue and beer kiosk of Hotel Lorenza, it's right at their entrance, just along the road, infront of the hospital.


That's the parking space along the road, the road and the left wing of the hospital in the picture above.


This is the entrance to the hotel, more tables are there for the customers.


To the south side is the hotel's convenience store.


This is their mini grill for cooking and reheating sisig, a Filipino pork dish.


This is their barbecue grill.


That's their display of BBQ.


Here's a close-up. That's hotdogs and chorizo, a Filipino sausage.


First tray is chicken liver and the other is chicken gizzard.


That's pork BBQ and chicken BBQ.


They offer more Filipino food choices on the side.


The spot is in the middle of the city, infront of a busy road but the place is surrounded by walls with real plants making it feel closer to nature. They also play nonstop music that's really good. They don't play lounge music or any of those medlodies that would make you sleep, what they play is a mix of reggae, electro, pop and alternative music. The playlist itself will really make you want to stay a little bit longer and chill.


More plants.


I usually just hangout here and do some writing, reading or checking my newsfeed, jotting down my expenses, as I enjoy good music and waiting for my order to be cooked.


I know this looks weird and not so appetizing to look at but I love chicken liver BBQ with chicken heart.


Here it is, my dinner. This is so affordable, the chicken liver BBQ is 25 (x2) and the rice is 15 and the bottled water is 15. This is just 80 Pesos, a little over $1. 1 USD= 52 Pesos. That already makes me full and happy. After I am done, if it's not time yet for my session, I linger and just watch people having dinner or watch people drink beer with friends and enjoy BBQ.

This is basically street food but I am confident of the cleanliness of the place that's why I am a frequent visitor. You should check out the place if you are nearby. You'll save a lot of money plus you will enjoy clean, affordable Filipino street food. Should you opt for better meals or fine dining, just go in the hotel and head for their in-house restaurant.

Restaurant Information

Hotel Lorenza's Beer and BBQ Kiosk
Avenida Veteranos, Downtown, Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines

Weekend Chillin' at Hotel Lorenza's Beer and BBQ Kiosk
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