Dream Cafe, A Place for My Burger Fix


We are in a small province here in the Philippines and we are obviously not big on burgers, well, we may love burgers but not a lot of food places here serve them or specialize with them.

Whenever I crave for a burger, my best go-to place is Dream Cafe. It's so near the hospital I visit for my dialysis sessions 3x a week so I go there often.


Dream Cafe is in Downtown Tacloban City. It's at MH Del Pilar Street, just across Divine Word Hospital. It's on the ground floor of the 3-storey Dreamtime Building.


When you go in, what will greet you is the patio that is surrounded by potted real plants.


Their patio is a nice place to hang out in the evenings. I have my dinner here sometimes but I leave when it's almost 7 pm because this place would be full of people smoking cigarettes.


The patio is their place for people who come here to eat and smoke at the same time.


The restaurant counter of Dream Cafe is like an altar of booze. They offer drinks and cocktails all day along with good food.


They also offer cakes and desserts.


They have a thick menu since they offer a lot of things, from Filipino to International cuisines. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between.


I love Dream Cafe for their burgers. They sure have a lot of things to love but for burgers here in Tacloban City, I choose theirs as the best. Their burger is reasonably priced, it's huge and it has all the things I love in a burger. It smells so good and the fries that come with it are made of real potatoes. You can pretty much tell the ingredients are fresh. The serving time is just right. You won't wait too long even if the place is full of people they can deliver in under 5 minutes.


I had this burger for brunch last Sunday. I ate it with a scoop of the classic mango ice cream, my favorite. I will never get tired ordering this pair here in Dream Cafe. I got too full, I had to have my lunch a long time later at 3 pm.


The burger and the fries just cost me 245 Pesos. 195 Pesos for the burger and 50 Pesos for the scoop of ice cream. It's priced just right and won't break the bank. It's just about $5 since $1 USD is 52 Pesos.

Here are some more pictures of the cafe:






The last picture shows their pillar for their awards from Tripadvisor year after year. This place is quite known to foreigners in the area because of its online reputation that they well deserve.

Restaurant Information

Dream Cafe
Del Pilar St., Downtown, Tacloban City, 6500 Leyte, Philippines

Dream Cafe, A Place for My Burger Fix
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