Giuseppi's, The Place To Be for Italian Food and Pasta


Giuseppi's is a famous Filipino-Italian restaurant in the city of Tacloban. I perfectly recall this place back when I was in grade school. The last time I was here was 1997, a long time ago. Not much has changed, it still has the same exterior and interior. I am amazed how they are able to maintain everything. They started operations in 1991.


They are located in the corner of MH Del Pilar Street and Avenida Veteranos, in the heart of Downtown Tacloban City. This is how the restaurant's exterior looks like.


They also have tables outside of the building, in a space that's like a patio. This also serves as their smoking area for people who want to smoke while dining.


Going in, the first thing that will greet you is their counter with a selection of wines and cheeses and behind is their brick oven for making pizza.


I was instantly escorted and led to a table for 2. There was wine on the table with the cutleries and placemats. I asked for water and I was instantly given a bottle of water with a glass. I had to drink my cough medicine as I dine. Excuse that huge cough medicine.



They have 2 kinds of menus. One for their Specials and one for their Classics.


The Filipino in me knows that they have really good Italian food here but I still opted to Filipino favorites, Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and Hamburger. I remembered how I love their spaghetti here. This was lunchtime, I needed to be full so I opted for this combo. I will have my dialysis session a little later.


I so love their spaghetti here. It smells so good. I love how Italians love spices and herbs. Other Italian pasta dishes are sour to my taste but their spaghetti here is just right. I guess they consider us Filipinos, we are fans of sweet and sour kind of spaghetti. The tomatoes taste so fresh, the herbs are awakening my senses. I love everything about this spaghetti.


The burger really made me full. The patty was grilled to perfection, I taste how char-broiled it is and it was so juicy. 2 slices of cucumbers and 2 slices of tomatoes made it perfect. I love them in my burger.


I loved my lunch. <3


Their prices have recently increased but I think it's okay. The price is reasonable and the food quality was great. The service was superb, I love their staff, they're very friendly. We actually had a chat when I asked if I could take some pictures and they gladly agreed.



This was the view from my table. I could see the hospital that I go to for my dialysis sessions, across the street.

More pictures below inside the restaurant.















The last picture is the main restaurant counter. I stood up and went there to pay my bill and asked the lady a few questions. I love how accommodating the staff was. The lady said they are often fully booked and their usual customers are medical representatives and doctors having a meeting, and of course, foreigners who saw their restaurant in Tripadvisor and some other websites. I might visit this place more often, after all the years, I thought this place was not as lively as it used to, but I am wrong, they are still people's pick for Italian food and good dining experience. I perfectly recall what a shock it was to people when this place opened. We are a small province here in the Philippines, it was a surprise why an investor would open an Italian restaurant here but look at this place thriving through all these years. They still serve good food and great service. I'm pretty sure they have good management as one of their secret recipes to this success. Kudos to this restaurant, more years to go!

Restaurant Information

Giuseppi's Restaurant
173 Avenida Veteranos, Downtown, Tacloban City, 6500 Leyte, Philippines

Giuseppi's, The Place To Be for Italian Food and Pasta
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