Reminiscing Over Good Coffee at Libro


I was suddenly reminded of my college life back almost 2 decades ago, I used to hang out and read books in a local coffee shop that served good coffee, bread, cakes, and some desserts. It was under an old house in the middle of downtown Tacloban City. I was wondering if it's still operating or has it been wrecked by the super typhoon Haiyan last 2013. I've never heard about them since. I checked Google and I was surprised to see recent pictures that look so familiar, it's as if nothing has changed.


I went there and to my surprise, it was still the same old place I see. I got curious if the interior would still be the same and if they still serve the same good coffee, I especially love their coffee.


It's the same metal, "Libro" sign on the wall. It's now rusty because of its old age.


I got excited as I draw in, the door is that same old door. You can tell by how it looks that it's really been there for a while now.


I was greeted by this sign in the center pillar inside the cafe. Indeed, coffee is always a good idea.


I went to check their menu. I'm glad their coffee is still affordable like they used to. There'd been a lot of cafes that opened in the area after the devastation of that super typhoon last 2013, I guess the competition made them have competitive pricing.


I ordered an iced mocha and a Filipino cheesy bread called ensaymada. The bread smelled so good. It has been warmed up using a microwave and it was steaming and have that cheesy aroma. I like my coffee iced, that's my preference. I want my milk warm, and for water, I prefer room temperature. I just think iced coffee is refreshing and we usually drink to refresh ourselves that's why I want my coffee iced.


I was not expecting I'd be given this tall glass of coffee. Their Iced Mocha is just 120 Pesos, 30 Pesos lower than other cafes in the area. It's creamy and well blended, it's really well done and I love how it tastes, not too sweet. It was perfect.


The ensaymada was perfect as well, too lovely with all the cheese. I was gonna go for a piece of cake but their cakes are best sellers and I came in late in the afternoon when they are all gone. Nevertheless, I am still lucky with this ensaymada. It was so soft, aromatic and really tasted so cheesy, it wasn't too sweet, too, which I like.


I grabbed a book on the nearest shelf and now I am all set to dreamland and reminisce the old days, how it was spending the afternoons in this place. This place is a bookstore and a library at the same time. You can read the books for FREE and you can also buy most of them if you want to. I picked a funny book called The Little Book of Stupid Questions.


The book was indeed about the author's funny stupid questions about just anything and some popular quotes on stupidity and being stupid. I found a good quote in the book by Doctor Who.






I was surrounded by shelves. I love how rustic-themed the place is. It used to be like this and it is still the way it is now after so many years. The past really plays in my mind as my eyes wander across the room.








There were more chairs and tables for more guests. This place is not only a good place to have good coffee, but it is also a good place to hang out with friends and meet new people.


Here's their small counter on the south side next to the only door, the entrance.


Their counter's cookie jars and selection of branded teas.


Ceramic cups as decors on the side of the counter.


This was a painting of a cup of coffee, it was next to me on one of the shelves.

I was so happy I decided to look for this place, this is like one of those places that marked in my heart and I want this to be experienced by many. I love this place because it gives you peace in the middle of a busy city. You can hang out and meet like-minded people in here. It might be boring for some but for introverts like me this is a sanctuary and being able to order good coffee here just adds to the pure bliss that the place brings.

Restaurant Information

Libro Books and Coffee Shop
Downtown, Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines

Reminiscing Over Good Coffee at Libro
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