SunFork 22.2 (Weighing in on the Justin Sun Soft Fork)


It's up to the consensus witnesses. To maintain the integrity of the blockchain. I get that. So I understand why you did what you did, regardless if it is temporary or not. But, integrity also has another meaning - being honest. I know none of the other witnesses matter that are not consensus, but this line right here:

Since there are many new developments in the ecosystem, this is an ideal time to take a look at one of our long term impediments to decentralization with the involvement of the entire community, old and new.

really gets on my nerves. The fact that it wasn't just top 20 witnesses in the conspiring freeze on @justinsuntron's newly acquired company AND personal stake (which he bought fair and square), you cannot honestly say that there was any community involvement beyond that closed circle in the chats this past week or so. That being said, I will not be updating to 22.2.

It Must Have Been Hard

Deciding whether or not to go through with this. I have the utmost respect now for @timcliff, who earned my witness vote for not applying the new fork, and I have effectively dropped all other witnesses that were in the top 20 at the time with the exception of @gtg. What can I say, I'm a wizard myself, we gotta stick together. HA!

Why I Don't Agree With It

I have a friend right now, @deerjay, who is fighting to save her property from being taken over by commercial interest. She bought the property, has lived there for years and even paid taxes on it. Now it has even more value. Do you think it's fair that another entity can come along and just take it? Granted, it's in a centralized system's territory, but sounds communistic to me.

Any Hard (or Soft fork) that proposes to fork out any account or limit the actions of an account on the Steem blockchain we will oppose now and in the future and anyone on the Steem blockchain should be able to do with their stake whatever they want.

Quoted from a comment @blockbrothers (who also has my witness vote - good on ya @brittandjosie) made on the @softfork222 bombshell. I am of the same mind here. Even if some of the tokens were 'ninja-mined', which we'll get into in a second, he still bought them all. With his own money. I feel it sends a very tyrannical message to any future investors that may want to come in and make any changes.

'Ninja Mining'

Let's debunk this claim right now. From what I have read, there was no premine of Steem. Everyone was able to do so at the same time. Were some people more keen to it's arrival and prepared? Yes. Did they know Steem would even be worth anything?


It's not like Steemit Inc. came in on false premises to 'ninja mine' a bunch of coins to pump and dump them. They saw a future here and were determined to make it happen. THAT is why they were so heavily vested in the very beginning.

It was also very brand new and I'm sure early miners had troubles, but the fact remains, there was no ICO, there was no pre-distribution, there was nothing. It started from zero. One company had a vision which actually (in my opinion) had some morals since they never used it to sway any witness votes but just help others via delegations. Until Dan left. That's when this power was implemented. Then again, @ned was also threatened with sanctions in the same manner @justinsuntron now is under.


I'm not saying Sun has the greatest track record according to various sources, but there are also other sources that say he is of impeccable character. In the business world, there are cut throats around every corner waiting to take your blood money you earned. People just dying to tear you down to make themselves look better. Hell, I'm probably guilty of that myself. We're all marketers after it's all said and done.

So what they did, in their FEAR, UNCERTAINTY & DOUBT (FUD), was eliminate a potential threat to the blockchain. In a very angry undertone, I will say thank you, but think it was accomplished the wrong way. I mean, you guys froze his assets. No ability to power down, withdraw, vote, anything! All he can do is delegate and I am really scratching my head why that was even left on there. I'll be watching to see where and if they delegate to anything suspicious.

What They Won't Say

Fear of change is human nature. We are creatures of habit and once we get used to something, we do not want to let it go. His (@justinsuntron's) stake could have effectively rearranged the entire witness rankings with his votes. You think they want to lose that power? You think they want to lose that paycheck? I imagine some make other money elsewhere, but did you know that only 3 of the current top 20 witnesses are NOT powering down??

I'm sure they have their reasons, and quite frankly I don't care. I've had to power down before too. However, Steem is also an income, and nothing to bat an eyelash at in the higher ranks. Would you want to lose that? Would you want to go from sipping bottled water to straining it from moss? I guarantee you almost none of them will admit it, but it definitely figured in to the equation and decision to sanction Sun like a third world country trying to crawl out of the dirt. Especially since there were some 'developers and investors' at that closed cabinet.

Goal Achieved?

They got the reaction they wanted though, so good on you in that sense. Did I mention Justin is a business man? In the wild wild west of technology? Go ahead and think about that and a few previous things I said.

If you seriously think that for one second, this will not ultimately have any ramifications, you all are fooling yourselves into a drunken madness that even I can't achieve with the most hallucinogenic drugs on the market. You think he got where he is by forgetting about things that happened 2 days ago? 2 weeks ago? 2 years ago? I guarantee you he's keeping score. Do you not understand he's a multi-billionaire? He's super busy, and y'all were impatient and quite frankly impertinent to the deal he made.

Let's make this clear. STEEM is not is not Steem is not Steemit. He did not buy the blockchain. He bought some STEEM and a company named Steemit. He may have been misled, but then again, @ned didn't know the difference either. Or did he?

To really do what you feared, he (Sun) would have to either bought 17 witnesses off and voted them (which who knows, maybe this is a all a bullshit publicity stunt), or set up 17 witnesses of his own making and voted them to the top. Which, by the time any of that could have been accomplished, I'm sure the Steem community itself would have been aware and countered it by placing votes where they needed to be.

Love Me or Hate Me

I believe leading with an iron fist is unacceptable and part of the problem with the world today. I'd even go as far as to say it's part of the reason Bitcoin was conceived. That's exactly what you all just did. Out of fear, you strike more fear. I'm almost half tempted to power down completely and go somewhere else. Who's to say I don't have a cool million waiting to drop into the pool? You think I want to now? You think anyone else wants to? True, it sends the message that we won't let outside forces intervene with our operations. But, it also says something else even more loudly:

We don't care who you are, we're a closed circle and nobody is going to eat unless we say they can. Spade is a spade. Greed is greed. Protection of the chain? To an extent. But surely, there were other ways to accomplish your goals. He was under no mandate to speak to any witness whatsoever unless he so chose. You forced his hand.

People don't like being forced to do things. I think that's called communism or something. I don't know. I'm most frustrated with the actions taken and the lack of actual community involvement in the decision. Just tells me that you don't really care about the community. Isn't that what pissed you guys off about Steemit Inc before? The lack of communication? Y'all are funny.

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