Thank you so much @marblely for the nice theme about my favourite type of my house.

My dream house made of nipa and bamboo that I would live until the end of my day on earth.

When I was a child, we have it and two times were accidentally burned. I was 15 years old. Luckily my two sisters woke up before the fire swallowed the house. 1985 was the first accident and the second one was 1992. Then the third one was broken by the strong 7.2 earthquakes in the Philippines, Three house of my parents were all damage but still, we were thankful that there was no life taken from that devastation.

I have my own house and that's the house of my parent what I meant to say. That's the will of God.

So when I will be getting older, I plan to have it in my province. Living in a little house in a province with a fresh air and organic food is much better living than in the city.

I draw this last night when I read the theme of @marblely. It reminds me of my yesterday's life.

I hope you like it and interested in living with me.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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