TRIVIA: JUST FOR FUN CONTEST! 6 Steem prize plus plankton token/neozag

Hello to all my fellow Steemians!

I am here again for a new and additional fun for our #newsteem. I would like to host a fun trivia contest every Tuesday , Thursday and Sunday. This is going to be very simple and every participant will surely enjoy it.

So , for the said days.. i will be presenting 5 questions and what the participants need to do is to give their answer on the comment section. Are you ready for it?

Here are the rules:

  1. First perfect correct answer will be the winner.
  2. When everyone get the correct answers, we have to divide the prize.
  3. Prizes will be given after the payout.

First: 3 steem (5 correct answers)
Second: 2 steem (4 correct guess)
Third: 1 steem (3 correct guess)

Any Steem.engine tokens will be given also to those who participate my contest as a consolation prize.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated as I am just started this contest.


  1. Who invented the telephone?
  2. Which nail grows fastest?
  3. What temperature does water boil at?
  4. Who was the last King in Saudi Arabia before the present one now?
  5. Who was the last President of USA before the new one?

Take your time. You can answer my question until Wednesday midnight.

I would like to invite everyone to join m in @team-ccc, @atongis contest @zephalexia's upgaged, @ecotrain @mrnightmare89's riddle, @tggr's snapfeed @travelcontest by @lightcaptured, @axeman @worldcapture 's peoplephotography and @melinda010100 shadowphoto


Thank you so much.

It's me,
Gif credit to @gerber and @plankton.token