So, I'm powering down outta Steemit as we speak. I'm done with the horse shit. Justin "Emaciated Fetus" Sun can gargle my mayonnaise. It's non-dairy, so I think his little tummy won't have a problem with it. If he's willing to share, I have some for the other sellouts too.

Yeah, if by some chance you're unfamiliar with me (and my writing style... sorry), I'm SkinnerCrypto and I'm an internet asshole with an opinion. That's kinda my thing (Started on Publish0x where my work has been well recieved), though I do some other stuff as well like raising a kid, surveying, and dabble a bit in the science fiction.

I'm was disheartened, shook and rather sad that Steemit took the direction it did. It wasn't about you and me anymore. It was about money. It was about power. It was about censorship and horse shit and everything else in between. The REALLY shitty thing is that I just started there. I was only say, about a couple weeks into being a Steemian. I was like, holy shit, am I really about to try and expand on a site that is about to upend itself? Damn, that sucks. I should have gotten into the game years ago!

BUT that's okay! Why? Because I get to be one of the pioneers in a revolution. I believe that with time, Hive will have massive potential and I think that people will see this moving forward. The general consensus in the community was clear; We didn't like the bullshit, and we are about decentralization.

But, I expect to cross post some goodies from Publish0x from time to time, as well as make some EXCLUSIVE Hive posts for all my buddies here to see.

Special thanks to @acidyo for helping bring me some clout on my first Steemit Post, and I see he is active here too. Thanks for That! I hope to get to know a bunch of you, and really make a difference on this platform along with everyone else!

Keep an eye on the markets my friends, and VIVA LA REVOLUCION!!!