Waivio Update: July 3, 2020

Accurately predicting the value of votes on the Hive blockchain is not a trivial task. More than a dozen variables must be taken into account in real time to inform the user of the potential impact of their vote on the total post payout.

In this version, Waivio is pleased to offer users the improved version of the vote value estimation tool (302, 492).


In the example above, @vancouverdining upvoted a post by @jrvacation using 100% of the available voting power. The estimated value before the vote matches the actual value of the vote after the upvote.

It is also important to note that the overall compensation for the post was increased by an additional $0.02, which was allocated to the previous voters.

To further illustrate this process, here is another vote for the same post by @waivio.match account:


The value of the vote was accurately estimated at $2.35, but the overall reward for the post was increased by an additional $0.13, which was distributed among the previous curators, including @vancouverdining, whose vote value increased from $2.20 to $2.26.

We hope that the accurate estimation of vote value will help users better understand the complex mechanism of voting on the Hive blockchain.

Security Notifications

To provide users with an additional level of security, Waivio now sends notifications on the following user-initiated transactions (670):

  • transfer of funds;
  • initiate power down;
  • withdraw funds from the Savings account;
  • set withdraw route;
  • outgoing power ups;
  • change of the recovery address;
  • change keys.

These methods can potentially be used by hackers to steal funds from the account in case the user's active keys are compromised.

Waivio users can receive instant mobile notifications via the Telegram app using the @WaivioNotificationsBot service.

Other updates and bug fixes:

  1. User profile - improve speed and reliability of the initial profile loading (534)
  2. My Feed - attribute re-blogged posts to followed users (535)
  3. Object lists - use the winning object name, instead of the initial one (536)
  4. Rejection notifications - inform users who submitted or upvoted an update about its rejection by the community or an administrator (537)
  5. Follow statuses in lists (538)
  6. Followers – ensure counters are accurate (539, 368)
  7. Guest comments - aggregate guest comments in their profiles (540)
  8. Approving updates – verify selected cases (541)
  9. Quick search - use parent's icons for objects without icons (542)
  10. Dtube videos - integrate into previews and article views (543)
  11. Guest profiles - inform viewers that this is a guest account (544)
  12. Profiles - display Weblink data (545)
  13. Create campaign - set default values (546)
  14. Rewards / Eligible – verify selected test cases (547)
  15. 3Speak videos – integrate previews into the feed (548)
  16. Editor – drafts are restored as markups (549)
  17. New campaigns – increase the limit of campaigns to 300 (550)
  18. Tag updates – review the rejection process (551)
  19. Campaign reservations – revise the format of the comment (552)
  20. Reserved rewards – display eligibility requirements in Details (553)
  21. Reserve again – allow users to reserve the same reward after cancellation (554)
  22. Rejected photos – remove from the object gallery preview (555)
  23. Mobile search – improve responsiveness of clear and close buttons (556)
  24. Object updates – implement multiple sorting options (558)
  25. New campaign – notify followers of the sponsor and followers of referenced objects (559)
  26. Cancel reservation – revised formatting (560, 562)
  27. Rewards / Map – show all the referenced objects on the map (647)
  28. Editor – initially place the cursor in the Title line (651)
  29. Map – close popups on double clicks (654)
  30. Power up to a different account – show in the wallet history (662)
  31. Reward reservations - the reward is fixed in HIVE according to the current exchange rate (680)
  32. Edit posts by guests - the same proxyBot must be used to post edits (685)
  33. Negative receivables – display a Pay button to return the overpayment (688)


Waivio is an open source project. If you believe that what we are building is beneficial to the Hive ecosystem, please vote for Waivio proposals on the Decentralized Hive Fund.

GitHub - https://github.com/Waiviogit/waivio
Discord - https://discord.gg/sAkPkFv
Twitter - https://twitter.com/waiviolabs
Hive - https://www.waivio.com/@waivio

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