Wednesday Walk by @tattoodjay and Makeme Smile by @elizacheng Entry

Here we go again sharing my walk and walk in some different places. I supposed to write this late night before going to bed but I fall asleep when my body was already touching my bed. I think it's never too late, and I love taking this #WednesdayWalk of our dear @tattoodjay in collaboration with #makemeSmile initiative by @elizacheng.

Visiting the birthday celebrant.

One morning, I went to the house of my employer's sister to meet my friend who was celebrating her birthday. I cooked Filipino food and brought them some drinks. While walking on the street, I took a picture of the natural beauty of our neighbor's house gate with a moringa tree. When there is a tree-like this, it means there is a Filipino staying with them.

The beauty of the green tree and the nature amazingly beautiful.

The priceless smile of the celebrant who smiles a big smile while receiving my simple present. It made me happy too.

Visiting my Indonesians friend.

At the back of employers, the house is her motherhouse who has an Indonesian housekeeper.

I loved the art of green Bermuda on the ground. And the tent for children to play.

The wall was painted with beautiful scenery.

Attending the wedding.

I attended a party which was a part of the wedding ceremony. It was not yet the final day. Later, two weeks from now, the big day will be done.

After the dancing and eating, it was already dawn but we were still at the venue.

After the party, we roamed around the city for 30 minutes cheering and chasing the car of the newlywed.

Yesterday's walked

I was tempted to go to the rooftop and feel the cold wind blows.

So quiet and calm, and heard only the sound of the car passing by on the street.

There was no sun shining and the dark clouds looked there will be rain coming at night but actually nothing.

Final walked with happiness.

My friends visited me and we had laughter on the playground talking and walking around the house.

They went home full of food on their bags. And even Whitey was laughing looking at them while leaving. As if Whitey says something " Thank you, you are now leaving, you are so very noisy girls". Eventually, they teased Whitey so he teased them back!

Hi, @dpet and @kona, this is entry for today for the #dailypetphotography

That's all and thank you @tattoodjay and @elizacheng. I hope it will make you smile.

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