My witness server is just itching to go live... Running for witness

It Broke, Again! ;)

Hello everyone,

I had guessed this day would come, but not quite this soon.

So, two crazy people @mermaidvampire and @benedict08 convinced me to become a witness. They did a good job, because here I am. I have been considering it for a while, but they gave me the last little push that I needed.

I Hive

Hive has been very good to me, so I think it'd be good to give something back to Hive. In my eyes, Hive is really the community. We have an amazing community which I am glad to be a part of. Just seeing the power of the community recently made me love this place even more. Anyway, I want to be more of a part of this place. I want to be a pillar of Hive 😄.

Why am I a good witness:

tl;dr: I'm not 😂

As a witness, I will try to support the community through continued creation of projects for the blockchain. I feel like this is the best use of my time, really, as it's what interests me and my heart is in it, meaning that I can do a lot more when I'm working on it compared to other things

What Have I done for Hive (and Steem)?

Steem-Engine Tools - Soon I should be able to port this to Hive-Engine

I created and maintain SE Tools, an extended set of tools for use in conjunction with the Steem Engine platform, for features that are missing from the existing interfaces.

Guest Posting (NOW On Hive)

Guest Posting allows anyone to enable guest posting within their app, and they can keep most of the rewards too! From a low 5% beneficiary fee (0 upfront fees), they can use our range of accounts to post with. If usage grows with the service, I will be able to lower the cost.

How to vote me as a witness.

Keychain / HiveSigner:



Vote for @cadawg!

Thank you Hiveians!
~ @cadawg