Image is made of own imagination and thought (competition 51): My view

bxgaavfqfu.png image source: @xpilar

This is an image made by @xpilar based on own imagination and thought.
For the contest, I'll be sharing my view based on the image.
From the image, I'll say that it's a blue print of houses in an island which should be made of glasses i.e for the walls and the roof should be silver coated roof.
The glasses should be very transparent such that anything that is inside can be seen from the outside.
Are they houses that people should leave?
They're silos for storage of cereals and grains after harvest so as to keep out insects and rodents which could emanate from the farm or somewhere else. That's why they are to be built in an island far away from the farms.
For the ones close to the moon, they are to be used as main office and tools houses. That's why they are looking a little bit different from others.
Finally, the imagination that has been put to an image for all to see is not a fictionalized one. It's a blue print of storage houses for farm produce.
Thanks for reading.

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