Which Way My People?

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What a country we call our own.
A country where the poor die while waiting for the promises made by the politicians.
A country where stealing and crime is a nickname for thieves.
A country where the masses are considered as noise makers while fighting for their rights.
Oh Nigeria! Which way.
Which way Nigeria, have you forgotten?
Which way Nigeria, have your chosen ones disappointed you?
Which way Nigeria, have your government ignored you?
Which way Nigeria, have your people lost hope in you?
These were the questions asked by learned people in Nigeria before the 20s which is now a reality.
Were these visions not understood by the prophets or were the prophets false ones?
It could be, because some known religious ones have turned to false prophets because of their hunger and desires for money and power and they'll continue to answer The Chosen Ones.
Well, what will the poor man do other than to drink and mess up.
Oh Nigeria, your citizens are going overseas in search of greener pastures. What a loss.
Your citizens are considered as scammers, thievs or worse, as slaves in countries you once fed.
Your citizens are being killed because they are seen as worthless creatures.
With all of these above, you continue to answer The Giant Of Africa.
Is the name based on passed glory or still on current achievements?
Well, I'll keep on anticipating for the better days of my dear country Nigeria.
The land is not green anymore.