XSteem proposal details

Good day everyone,

Few days back, we have announced our intention to build opensource exchange software that we think will benefit Steem greatly.

In this post, I will try to give some overview what can be achieved, developed during those 6 months (period of SPS proposal).

Detailed milestones

For simplicity purpose, I will divide workload to monthly tasks. Note, these milestones may change their order but I hope it will give community ideas of tasks at hand.

  • November
    -Design mockup work for both web and mobile
    -Backend, generating data for different chart types (candles, bars, line break, heikin ashi)
    -Mobile, foundation work

  • December
    -Mobile, components implementation accordance to design mockups
    -Backend, optimization and api work for candles
    -Web, foundation work

  • January
    -Mobile, charting and wallet structure for multi-currency support
    -Backend, hivemind PR or separate plugin
    -Web, components implementation

  • February
    -Backend, indicators and other chart type data points building
    -Mobile, navigation and trading pages UI
    -Web, wallet, charts page with portfolio overview

  • March
    -Backend, SMT testnet connect and testing
    -Mobile, STEEM/SBD trading functionality
    -Web, STEEM/SBD trading functionality

  • April
    -Backend, SMT token listing and customization
    -Mobile, components for custom token trading
    -Web, custom token pairs

Bonuses if we finish majority of things before deadline, these are the things we can work on.

-Notifications, mobile, web
-Other trading indicators
-Steem-engine swap to SMT
-Quick swap/convert of any SMT to STEEM or SBD
-Blocktrades integration with BTC, ETH pairs
-Some other, community's suggestions

Afterwards, 6 month project will be re-evaluated and new proposal may be submitted depending on community request or feedback.

Approve Proposal #44


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Thank you for your support! Let's build the future together!

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