Andrew Yang is a millennial presidential figure, an entry for contest which held by @theycallmedan


Andrew Yang, a millennial presidential figure, -an entry for contest which held by @theycallmedan

Steemian how are you today? Hopefully you are healthy and creative work.
Today I want to write about Andrew Yang as an entry for the contest by @theycallmedan. He want to help #YangGang in Steem. If you are interested to follow it, please read the following post
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Brilliant Thinking

The US presidential election contest will be enlivened by candidates Having diverse backgrounds. Andrew Yang is a person who wants to develop mutual prosperity for the American people. he saw in the last decade technological advances spawned automation which then shifted human power to machines and robots. As a result, many workers who then lost their jobs. Losing a job means losing a decent life. So as a leader he proposed the idea of holding responsibility for a modernization called UBI (Universal Basic Entry).
He wants the so-called "Freedom Dividend", a universal basic income (UBI) in the form of $ 1,000 per month for every American adult over the age of 18.
He believes that UBI is a form of responsibility response needed for rapid development of automation, which increasingly leads to workforce challenges. He said that job loss due to automation is a shared responsibility for technological advances.
Andrew Yang also mentioned other important things, namely "Medicare for All" and "Human-Centered Capitalism". He respects all Americans to achieve mutual prosperity indiscriminately. he wants a mutually beneficial cooperation between all citizens.
He hopes that everything done by America is in the interest of the people. He wants that what is sought is a form of caring open only as a political ruler but he will be the father of all children in America. This leadership spirit he has done and proven by establishing a non-profit foundation named Venture for America (VFA).
Andrew, who also includes people who are very concerned about the development of the digital world. He uses the internet as a way to increase the dignity and dignity of a human being. He disagrees with sites that use data for sale. He feels that if it is done the same way we are selling the human value of everyone. this will be a bad precedent that can provoke things to become more chaotic.

Chance of Winning

Looking at the map of the competition with other candidates, we can see that Andrew Yang is currently still low. But all that just looks on the outside. This happened because the other candidates who had entered the upper ranks had been riding in fame with the previous leader.
Andrew, who still has a long time to gather more power. Even if the nomination is still not won, he still has a chance in the future because he is still young, 44 years old can still reach several more elections.
What should be anticipated is the attitude of some people who still see prospective leaders only in terms of heredity. As an Asian, Andrew must be able to embrace people who sometimes look down on Asians. This can reduce the minus assessment to Asians. Thus it will open up wider opportunities for the election stage which will be increasingly stringent.

Role of Steem

Why did I write Steem's role in writing Andrew who would nominate himself as the American President? It looks very far but will become very close if you understand the ins and outs.
As a STeemian, I am proud to know that there is a leader who supports technological advancements including the crypto world without leaving the human side.
as we know at Steem we feel more protected from cheating. We can feel that Steem is a good ecosystem for people who support quality and originality.
This is also what is upheld by Andrew Yang. He really puts forward a system that is organized and knows no legalization. The credibility of STeem and Andrew, who became more connected by the same understanding and felt they would feel compatible with each other. if this synergy can be continued further it will be able to support each other.
Andrew, who we can draw as a figure worthy of being made an example for everyone, while the Steem platform will be a very suitable container.
Steem can take on the role by making Andrew's campaign more viral. If Steemian are all united and echoing Andrew's campaign, I'm sure the echo will be increasingly felt and hopefully it will have a positive influence on his candidacy.
Thus all my writing in this contest.
Thank you @theycallmedan for the chance
Warm regard from Indonesia

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